Nessenstrange is a 100% Made in Italy brand that was born in 2019 with
the intent to break down conventional barriers through clothing impactful, which celebrates curiosity towards the different using the language of
Italian know-how.
The name itself, Nessenstrange, comes from the decomposition of the
English word "strangeness" and deals with moral ethics the theme of
social, cultural or gender inequality, freeing oneself from constraints
conventional "where" and "when" proposing solutions inspired by a
cultural diversity no longer perceived as "strangeness" or fear of the different but as a strong point and an essential synonym of uniqueness.

The logo that embrace each Nessenstrange collection, encloses its
internal the very origin of the brand that comes from the creative mind of Nicola,designer from the world of luxury ceremony, counterbalanced
from the logical and rational character of Luca, manager and pr from the world
of fashion, with decades of experience in Canada and America.
Let's see two hands align and mirror oneself opposite the other in a single solution of perfect balance.
Inspired by the redemption of a more conscious world, Nessenstrange creates a
rational luxury fashion where style, instinct and communicative needs are
express through a refined aesthetic and based on quality values,
well-being and sustainability up to the achievement of a single contemporary uniform.
Pay off of the company is "OFFBEAT LUXURY" or eccentric outfits with a soul
free to dare but at the same time refined because the heart will always beat
for the luxury world.